Synthesis of nanocomposites for biocatalysis

A series of CNT – CeO2 nanocomposites could be synthesized by the reaction of cerium nitrate deposition in the aqueous media at room temperature without stabilizers. Amount of СеО2 in the nanoсоmposites could be varied from 0,66 to 15,29 % depends from needs of Customer. The catalase–mimetic activity of nanoceria, pristine CNT and their nanocomposites could be realized in the reaction of hydrogen peroxide decomposition in the pH range of 8 – 11. Nanoporous carbon materials from fruit stone (KAU) and synthetic nitrogen-containing (SKN) activated carbons as carriers for lipase or another enzymes could be used. Both carbon surface heteroatom dopping and its structure characteristics influence the activity of immobilized enzyme.

Terms: development of new technology for these materials production ~ 2-3 months.