Preparation of thermo-expanded graphite and carbon nanotubes on demand

Development of methods and technologies for preparation of thermoformed graphite and catalytic CVD synthesis of carbon nanotubes from saturated, unsaturated and aromatic hydrocarbons. Development of a complete technological cycle for the production of thermo-expanded graphite, products based on it, in particular foils and sealing materials, as well as sorbent for the concentration of oil and petroleum products. Synthesized materials could be in the form of a cord with a square braid of reinforced yarns, and each reinforced yarn consists of thermo-shredded graphite capable of being formed inside reinforcing fiber. Each reinforced yarn of thermoplastic graphite additionally contains the glue dispersion of carbon nanotubes. Such materials can be used by the Customer for application as carriers, sorbents, etc.

Terms: new technology for carbon materials production ~ 2-3 months.