Modification of nanoscale silica by non-volatile organics of low and high molecular weight (including bioactive compounds)

Development of the method of gas-phase mechano-sorption modification of nanooxides for adsorption and modification of disperse materials by nonvolatile compounds with the use of a small amount of solvent (30–40 wt.% in a mixture). The composite (a powder-like mixture of silica and carbon nanoparticles) can be synthesized for use as an adsorbent in a liquid medium. The physical, chemical, structural-mechanical, pharmacological and biological properties of nano-silica can effectively regulate by adsorption modification, thus expanding its scope of application, depending on the needs of the Customer. Based on developed efficient and environmentally safe method of the modification of nanosilicates with non-volatile organic compounds (biologically active compounds, polymers), materials for pharmacy, etc. can be obtained.

Terms: new technology for porous materials production ~ 2-3 months.