New Original Squaraine Dye

Otava institute Fluorescent Design Group represents the original new squaraine dye for the protein detection.
The dye is already synthesized and ready to use for biomedical application.
The dye has a significant increase in the fluorescence intensity in the presence of protein (123 times)
and does not change its intensity in the presence of nucleic acids.

Physical and chemical characteristics:

  • the maximum  absorption of the dye in the presence of the protein is 639 nm
  • the quantum yield of the dye in the protein presence is 74%
  • the Molar Extinction Coefficient in DMSO is 24 * 104 M-1cm-1

The main advantages: 

  • Synthesized dye is patentable
  • Protocols of obtaining of the proposed dye are reproducible and could be optimized for the obtaining of various amounts of the product up to kilo scales
  • Synthesis of the dye is estimated as non-expensive
  • Ready to use dye may be prepared as derivatives bearing “universal” binding group
  • It is possible to use the dye as start point in the development of new line dyes kit
  • It is possible to synthesize dye analogues and modify the dye for labeling the protein on demand