Molecular Docking

The interactions between proteins and other molecules play important roles in various biological processes, including gene transcription and expression, metabolic regulation, signal transduction, and cell communication.

Molecular docking is one of the most frequently used methods for the detailed research of molecules interaction. Our specialists have a solid experience in providing molecular docking services and are committed to meeting all the requirements of the client.

Using the method of molecular docking it is possible to predict:

  • Protein-ligand binding
  • Protein-protein binding
  • Protein-nucleic acid binding
  • Protein-peptide binding

For the in-depth implementation of your project we are ready to offer:

  • Binding site identification and analysis
  • Combination of molecular docking and pharmacophore modeling for more accurate calculations
  • Structure-activity relationship (sar) analysis
  • Computational studies of ligand-receptor interactions
  • Hit identification and optimization
  • Preparation of target-specific set of compounds with high affinity to the molecular targets of your interest with the aid of molecular docking methods using our compounds collection (250,000 compounds) and providing of selected compounds for biological tests

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