End-to-End Computer Aided Drug Discovery Services

​Otava Research Institute helps researchers worldwide to develop advanced solutions for the array of research projects maximizing their efficiencies, and, most of all, respect your budgets. Our experts are involved in the development of leading compounds at any stage of the R&D process: starting from target identification to lead optimization. 

Otava Research Institute supports all phases of a drug discovery process:

  • Recognizing target (From gene sequence to 3D structure);
  • Identification and analysis of binding sites;
  • Molecular docking and/or pharmacophore modeling;
  • Preparation targeted library and providing compounds for screening;
  • Hit optimization with Otava custom synthesis services;
  • Structure-activity relationship (SAR) analysis

Using our 250,000+ compound collection and software, we can improve your screening project at any stage from planning to chemical syntheses and optimization of the active compounds.

Our team of specialists uses the most inclusive platform for our computer modeling services. Refined modification of calculated parameters, implementation of improvements to calculation algorithms and the combination of various methods create our unique platform for the molecular design that outperforms the other standard methods.

If you are managing various drug discovery projects or need the comprehensive approach to advance your project please contact us directly or send your inquiry via website contact form.