Design Your Targeted Library

With thorough experience in the field of drug discovery and structural bioinformatics Otava Research Institute team is willing to offer the custom design of target sets of compounds for the specific screening project, employing our molecular modeling platform and using our in-stock compound collection* and finally providing the selected compounds for biological tests.

Our team of specialists uses the most comprehensive platform for targeted libraries design and utilizes the full spectra of receptor and ligand-based methods: molecular docking, pharmacophore modeling, machine learning that includes artificial neural networks (NNET), Bayesian modeling and k-nearest neighbors algorithm (k-NN) search.

Refined modification of calculated parameters, implementation of improvements to calculation algorithms and the combination of various methods create an exceptional ground for the molecular design that outperforms the other standard methods. This allows our experts to increase the number of hit compounds in targeted libraries.

To your attention Otava Research Institute offers about 380 Ready-made Targeted Libraries. All compounds are in stock and immediately available for screenings.

Ready-made Targeted Libraries


If you are running specific screening project and need to design specific targeted library of compounds please send request to get the qualified quotation or contact us directly and our manager will kindly assists you.

*In-stock collection contains about 250,000 small organic compounds which are immediately available for screening