Product Formulation Design

Otava Institute provides services for the contract research in various fields of industrial chemistry, materials science and manufacturing goods. Modern scientific, intellectual and instrumental resources provide the opportunity to identify almost all the ingredients and  to determine the dependence of consumer qualities of the product on the physical and chemical parameters of the raw materials. To properly select the necessary additives and, as a result, create an optimal formulation with the best match the needs of the product.

The main stages of the development and improvement of the new product include:

  • Detailed study of the original product, harmonization of the strategy of development, selection of the optimal scheme of scientific research, cost determination and estimation of deadline of the work.
  • Conducting scientific research analysis. In due time provided a detailed official report on the results of the study.
  •  If necessary, it is possible to conduct an additional stage, which involves providing consulting support and thorough market analysis. Studying and comparing the chemical components used for the production of goods, assesses their value, calculated the cost of manufacturing the analogue.
  • Production of samples of a new product.  At this stage, the manufacturer must create and agree on terms of reference, to determine the main properties desired product. The experimental samples of the product are manufactured and provided to the customer for further testing. If a sample of 100% meets the claimed requirements, the chemical formulation is transferred to production.

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Development and  improvement of chemical formulations  for pharmacys, detergents, agrochemicals, fluids for special purposes, antiseptics, disinfectants, chemicals for car care tools, etc.